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Velaa Private Island

Noonu Atoll, Maldive

Velaa Private Island is a truly exquisite gem settled amid the vast Indian Ocean. It is located in Noonu Atoll. This prominent resort is well-known for providing top notch boutique accommodation facilities. One of the most wonderful features of this resort is the fact that it has a year round outdoor pool and a barbecue. Getting there is not at all complicated. All you really need to do is get a private shuttle trip from Velaana International Airport to Velaa Private Island. It is bound to be a scenic 50 minute journey. It is also worth noting that this ecstatic resort is one of the top 3 Maldivian resorts and it continues to grow in terms of popularity. Another important bit to remember about this resort is that this is where the most experienced hotel staff are likely to be. Thus, you are guaranteed to have an immaculate luxury experience.


Ocean Pool House

Prestigiously located on the tip of the island, in an exclusive private domain, this two-bedroom overwater residence fringed with traditional thatch offers elegant living space with carefully curated elements. Louvered shutters let the breeze flow through, while a deep sofa is covered in scatter cushions, ideal for settling down with a good book.
Dimensione: 493 Vista: Lagoon/Ocean
Letti: 2 King Beds

Beach Pool Villa

If you are a lone traveler, a twosome or one person with a child, these fancy Beach Pool Villas are the perfect choice for you.
Dimensione: 287 SQM
Vista: Beach
Letti: 1 King Bed

Deluxe Beach Pool Villa

For couples travelling on their honeymoon, the neatly designed Deluxe Beach Pool Villas provide more than enough serenity and relaxation.
Dimensione: 313
Vista: Beach
Letti: 1 King Bed

Posizione e dettagli

Noonu Atoll

Distanza dall'aeroporto
184 km

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